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Learn your set text inside out with CGP's Text Guide – the UK's No.1 for GCSE English Literature!

If you’re trying to hunt down a top grade, you’re on the right track. This brilliant Text Guide contains everything GCSE English students need to write simply marvellous essays on J.B. Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls’. It’s packed with crystal-clear, easy-to-read notes on the plot, characters, themes, writer’s techniques and context - plus quick warm-up activities, in-depth exercises and realistic exam-style questions at the end of sections, alongside challenging questions for students aiming for Grades 8-9. Not only is this book packed with essay advice and engaging activities, it’ll also gives you access to our online Sudden Fail quizzes -ideal for putting your skills to the test! To round it all off, we’ve rustled up a classic CGP cartoon-strip summary of the text to help remind you of all the important plot points. What’s more, there's a free Online Edition with even more activities for specific exam boards - ideal if you’re on the move! For even more practice, a matching Workbook (9781782947769) and Revision Question Cards (9781789083446) are also available.

GCSE English Text Guide - An Inspector Calls includes Online Edition & Quizzes:

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