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Packed with exam-style questions plus scaffolded answers and helpful tips – perfect for guided practice.

Packed with realistic exam-style questions for every topic, this newly updated Exam Practice Workbook is perfectly matched to the Higher Level AQA GCSE Maths course. Handy grade stamps indicate the difficulty level of each question, and problem-solving stamps highlight those that require a bit of extra thought. There are also plenty of helpful exam tips throughout the book. Plus, it comes with complete step-by-step solutions (with a full mark scheme) at the back of the book, so it’s simple for students to check and correct their work - and there are even QR codes to access brilliant new worked video solutions! And finally, the book is rounded off with a full set of mock exam papers - the answers to these are available to download from the CGP website. CGP’s range for Higher Level AQA GCSE Maths also includes a matching Revision Guide (9781782943952), Workbook (9781782943976) and Grade 8-9 Targeted Exam Practice Workbook (9781782944164).

GCSE Maths AQA Exam Practice Workbook: Higher - includes Video Solutions and An

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